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Rhinoceros Beetle

“This is the rhinoceros beetle, not the rhino vertical, but the rhinoceros beetle. This is the girl with the horn beetle called the coconut beetle. There’s another species.

“Is this the ghost of the giant devil?” It has been a popular belief among the villagers since time immemorial that the presence of this evil beetle in their home is a bad omen. As soon as they get home, the residents rush to take them out of the house with a coconut shell because there is an opinion that this mysterious creature is a ghost of the giant devil.

If there is a coconut tree in front of the house where the beetles have completely eaten the upper part of the coconut tree, the residents will have a lot of trouble and if the beetle walks near the stove in the house, there will be ghost bugs in that house. Also, the myth is that if the beetle lands in a good place it is very bad, and if it hangs on a piece of cloth it will be a nuisance to a dead person in the house.

However, when the beetle comes home under the guise of a giant demon, the beetle hits the wall and Harry falls to the ground.

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