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Bellied Eagle Owl (Ulama)


Ulalena is said in our folklore to be a dangerous beast that makes terrible noises at night. It is generally said that if a snake mourns, it will die. According to legend, the husband, who suspected that his wife’s child was not his, killed the child, cooked it and handed it over to his wife. The mother, who saw the child’s finger in the curry, ran from the tree into the forest and committed suicide, claiming that the soul had become an ulama.

This ulama, who sounds like a lament miles away from the forest at night, may have amazed our villagers in the past.

There are a number of nocturnal birds suspected of being ulama in our story. The main suspect is the spot-bellied eagle owl. Slightly larger than the average owl. Like everyone else in the family, he was a quiet warrior and made a small noise when the other birds flew, but there was no sound when he flew.

They hide under the dark branches during the day and leave to sleep at night. Silent hunters feed on rats, frogs, small bats, and even small rabbits. From December to March, they lay their eggs in the dust and often repair and use abandoned nests, such as eagles.

China is an endangered species due to informal farming and wildfires. So do not panic if you hear the sound of Adona in the snow on a cold December night. It’s like this lovely innocent creature making a loving cry to find a mate

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