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Batrachostomus moniliger (Sri Lankan Frogmouth)

Commonly known as the Sri Lankan Frog Muna, it lives in southern India and Sri Lanka. The frog is the smallest animal of its kind. Bears more resemblance to owls. Can be seen in association with nocturnal forests. The wings and petals look like dry leaves and are usually branched

Hidden. They usually pick one tree and live in it until there is no external thre{“type”:”inserter”,”blocks”:[{“clientId”:”94ecb116-bc39-4c08-a9b8-a38365da4cab”,”name”:”core/image”,”isValid”:true,”attributes”:{“alt”:””},”innerBlocks”:[]}]}at. They will hear a special sound in the morning sun and at night in their living areas.

They are usually about 9 inches long and have a wide beak. It has two nostrils. The large head and eyes located in front of it provide a far-sighted view. Only the wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. Male grayish brown

Color and white dots can be seen. Females are slightly larger than males and browner than males. A black crown can also be seen on the head. They have rough, short hair around their eyes.

They often hide under trees and pretend to be dry branches. Small insects on the ground or on tree branches are hunted and eaten, sometimes in herds. In South India, it breeds from January to April and in Sri Lanka from February to March. The bottom of the flat cage is covered with mud or parchment and covered with bark and lichens. Put one white egg in it

It also protects against lichens and lice. During the day the bird lays its eggs and at night the two leave to lay their eggs. Once the chick is out, the bird destroys the nest and rebuilds the nest on the same tree. Young pups spend months with their parents learning how to herd and leave.


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